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Clifford the Expectant Red race Chanticleer Sophistication Activities – PC

Clifford the Big Red Dog Learning Activities – PC Three adjustable levels Activities adapt according to your child’s progress Features popular characters and voices from the hit TV show Comprehensive Parent’s Guide A popular magazine is looking for a special community of dogs to feature in their next issue and Clifford, T-Bone, and Cleo want … Continue reading

Men-On foot Activities in favor of Mythical Students: Instructive and Pre-Vocational Activities in favor of Students for Thoughtful Delays

Hands-On Activities for Exceptional Students: Educational and Pre-Vocational Activities for Students with Cognitive Delays Used Book in Good Condition An excellent resource for educators teaching lower-functioning students! Packed full of activities designed to teach students how to work independently for designated periods of time. The skills addressed in this new book are essential for students … Continue reading

The Superkids Wide reading Index:Superkids Anterograde memory-Hut Quatrain – Activities and Holdings replacing Differentiating Exposition Reviews

The Superkids Reading Program:Superkids Skill-Building Book – Activities and Resources for Differentiating Instruction CONTENTS. Activities for These Skills: (1) Sounds (2) Letters (3) Phonics (4) Structural Analysis (5) Fluency (6) Vocabulary (7) Comprehension (8) Spelling (9) Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics (10) Expressive Writing (11) Resources. List Price: $ 49.95 Price: $ 49.95

HERstory: Elective Suite of dances: A girlish women’s voyagings touching self-discovery done creative magnum opus and take-over interactive activities

HERstory: Curriculum Suite: A young women’s journey of self-discovery through creative writing and dynamic interactive activities HERstory is a leadership program for middle and high school girls. This preventive intervention program is composed of 50–60 interactive sessions that address social emotional learning, leadership, and Common Core standards and that provide opportunities to link to the … Continue reading