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Origin C# End in view-Orientated Programming (Resourceful’s Heldentenor swank .NET)

Beginning C# Object-Oriented Programming (Expert’s Voice in .NET) Used Book in Good Condition Learn C# with Beginning C# Object-Oriented Programming and you’ll be thinking about program design in the right way from day one. Whether you want to work with .NET for the web or desktop, or for Windows 8 on any device, Dan Clark’s … Continue reading

Parturition C# Programming in cooperation with Correspondence: MonoDevelop Musical score

Beginning C# Programming with Unity: MonoDevelop Edition Note: This edition is for people who plan to use MonoDevelop to develop their C# Unity scripts and stand-alone programs. If you plan to use Visual Studio, you should buy the Visual Studio edition instead. Welcome to the wonderful world of programming! In this book you’ll learn the … Continue reading

Time to spare R: The Statistical Programming Karamojong

Beginning R: The Statistical Programming Language Used Book in Good Condition Conquer the complexities of this open source statistical language R is fast becoming the de facto standard for statistical computing and analysis in science, business, engineering, and related fields. This book examines this complex language using simple statistical examples, showing how R operates in … Continue reading

Readiness Scala Programming – Drill DVD

Beginning Scala Programming – Training DVD Learn Beginning Scala Programming from a professional trainer from your own desk. Visual training method, offering users increased retention and accelerated learning Breaks even the most complex applications down into simplistic steps. Ideal for users who learn faster when shown. Comes with Extensive Working Files! Number of Videos:9 hours … Continue reading

Parturition Python [Online Code]

Beginning Python [Online Code] Gain expertise in creating a complete application with Python by learning the fundamentals Packed with powerful examples to get you up to speed with the features of Python Get an in-depth coverage of everything you need to know to become a seasoned Python programmer A beginner’s guide to creating your own … Continue reading

Rudiment iOS 3D Chimerical Tilt Snowballing

Beginning iOS 3D Unreal Games Development Used Book in Good Condition The Unreal UDK features Epic’s award-winning Unreal Engine 3, used to create bestselling games such as Infinity Blade for iOS, and popular console games like Borderlands and Bioshock. Now, you can build your own Unreal game for the iOS platform. Beginning iOS 3D Unreal … Continue reading