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Diversify Drill Intellect: The 10 step on it brainwash until get better and intensify talk deductive power (Diversify your youth) (Handful 2) Reviews

Improve Reading Comprehension: The 10 step program to improve and accelerate reading comprehension (Improve your memory) (Volume 2) Improve reading comprehension Most individuals can benefit from learning to read effectively because most individuals still read the same way they were taught to read in kindergarten. If you are one of those individuals, this is the … Continue reading

Gamify Bluestockingism: Back Rationality, Cooperation and Store of knowledge Reviews

Gamify Literacy: Boost Comprehension, Collaboration and Learning Literacy is at the heart of education, and what better way to teach this important subject than through the motivational techniques built into gamification? With Gamify Literacy, teacher Michele Haiken brings together top educators and gaming professionals to share gamification strategies, demonstrating how teachers can use gaming tools … Continue reading